Pathways Planning Tool Years 9 to 12

Students who are planning their VCE or VCAL program should investigate how choices at Year 11 affect their Year 12 program. In doing so, they should also consider their Year 10 program and how it has prepared them for the choices they are making at Year 11. There are no prerequisites for VCE or VCAL subjects, however prior school performance at Year 10 can be a good indicator of the likelihood of success at this level. Students and parents may also put plans in place to support student choices, like attending the homework program or developing a home study strategy.

Year 11

At Year 11 be aware that choices made here will most likely follow through into Year 12. Students are required to undertake six subjects. Reserves need to be selected in case there is a timetable clash between desired electives. Students may choose to study a Year 12 subject.