All Humanities units seek to explain important aspects of our current world and involve a wide range of student activities for their successful completion.
These subjects will broaden students’ outlook on life and increase their awareness of the complexities of ideas, issues and values in present society.

VCE 20th Century History 1 & 2
Unit 1: 1900 – 1945

Course Outline

The first half of the twentieth century was marked by significant change.  Throughout the period new forms of cultural expression reflecting different responses to these changes emerged.  This unit considers the way in which western societies responded to these changes, based on the events of World War I and II.

Unit 2: 1945 – present

Course Outline

This subject focuses on the increasing interplay between domestic and regional events, and international developments.  The period is dominated by post-war reconstruction and significant developments also take place in mass communication and audio visual media.  This technology has played a critical role in historical events.

Areas of Study

· Causes of World War I

· Events of WWI

· Peace Treaties

· The Roaring Twenties


· The Depression of the Thirties

· Rise of Totalitarianism

· World War II

Areas of Study

· Ideas and political power

· Social movements

· The growth of internationalism

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