Business Studies

Business Studies covers a wide variety of material that is appropriate for personal knowledge and skill building, the business world, and life in general. There are three VCE studies, Accounting, Business Management and Legal Studies.  Each one is quite separate and different.  All studies are suitable for entry to the workplace or further study.


VCE Accounting 1 & 2

Unit 1 – Financial Management

Course Outline

The unit introduces the fundamental processes of gathering, recording, reporting, analysing, interpreting and evaluating financial information for use by the individual in a small business. It is expected that students will be introduced to the use of information technology in undertaking accounting procedures.


Areas of Study

· How a small business is set up.

· Identify and explain the financial needs of sole-proprietor service business.

· Record, report and analyse financial information.

· Describe ways in which accounting contributes to effective decision making and financial management.

Unit 2 – Financial Operations

Course Outline

This unit focuses on accounting and financial operations of a small business.


Areas of Study

· Recording the process of documents to reports using accrual accounts.

· Financial planning and decision making analysis and interpretation of accounting reports.

Preparation Subjects

Subjects to do Next

Year 10 Accounting

VCE Accounting Units 3 & 4

For further advice: Wiseman Sibanda

VCE Business Management Units 1 & 2
Unit 1 – Small Business Management

Course Outline

Businesses of all sizes contribute to the economic and social wellbeing of a nation.  How businesses are formed and the conditions under which new businesses ideas can emerge are vital for a nation’s wellbeing.  Taking a business idea and planning how to make it a reality are vital.


Areas of Study

· How and why business ideas are created and developed.

· Elements outside a business that may act as pressures or forces on the operations of a business.

· The role of the owner will generally have more control over the activities, functions and pressures that occur within a business.

Unit 2 – Business Communication Management

Course Outline

Establishing a business involves complying with legal requirements as well as making decisions about how best to establish a system of financial record keeping, staff the business and establish a  customer base.  In this unit students examine the legal requirements that must be satisfied to establish a business.

Areas of Study

· Introduction to the legal requirements and financial considerations when establishing a business.

· The importance of establishing a costumer base and a marketing presence to achieve business objectives.

· Staffing requirements that will meet the needs and objectives of the business and contribute to productivity and effectiveness.

Preparation Subjects Subjects to do Next
Year 10 Accounting VCE Business Management Units 3 & 4
For further advice: Wiseman Sibanda, Jorgen Leschke
VCE Legal Studies 1 & 2
Unit 1 – Guilt and liability

Course Outline

In this unit students develop an understanding of legal foundations, such as the different types and sources of law and the existence of a court hierarchy in Victoria. Students investigate key concepts of criminal law and civil law and apply these to actual and/or hypothetical scenarios to determine whether an accused may be found guilty of a crime, or liable in a civil dispute.


Areas of Study

· Legal Foundations

· The presumption of innocence

· Civil Liability



Unit 2 – Sanctions, remedies and rights

Course Outline

This unit focuses on the enforcement of criminal law and civil law, the methods and institutions that may be used to determine a criminal case or resolve a civil dispute, and the purposes and types of sanctions and remedies and their effectiveness. Students undertake a detailed investigation of two criminal cases and two civil cases from the past four years to form a judgment about the ability of sanctions and remedies to achieve the principles of justice.


Areas of Study

· Sanctions

· Remedies

· Rights


Cost: Excursion fee of approximately $150

Preparation Subjects Subjects to do Next
Year 10 Legal Studies VCE Legal Studies Units 3 & 4
For further advice: Joanna Simpson