Daymap Parent Portal Quick Start Guide


Daymap Connect is an extension of the Daymap Learning Management System which provides parents with access to key school and student information, both at home and on the go. Our easy-to-use system allows parents to create and manage their own accounts for Daymap Connect; requiring one login and password per parent (with the option to provide multiple logins) to access details for all students enrolled in the school.

The screen above is the Daymap Connect log in screen. This can be found by using the following URL: Please note this URL will also work on the Daymap app, which can be downloaded from Apple iTunes or Google Play Store.

If you are a new user, then select the “New User?” option. You will then be required to enter your email address (this must be the email registered at the school) and a student code (this will be provided by your school). Once you have entered the details select ‘Reset Password’ and a username and password will be sent instantly to your email account (see below).

The Home tab

This is the main page of the Parent Portal. The Parent Portal is navigated via vertical tabs along the left-hand side.

If you have more than one child enrolled at the school, their names will be available on the drop down box in the top left corner. Select the appropriate student to see their information.

The left-hand section is the Student Activity Feed of recent activity for the selected student. You will view:

  • Student Notes;
  • Student Diary Notes;
  • Student Records;
  • Assessment Tasks;
  • Daymap Reports published to the Parent

On the right of the screen is a list of recent messages sent.

My Messages

This tab displays the messaging screen and enables you to easily contact teachers about any issues of importance; excursions, reminders, personal matters etc. This is a fantastic tool to keep you up to date and aware of what’s happening in your child’s classroom.

You are able to create messages, reply to received messages and receive email notifications when you have unread Daymap messages.

This Week

By viewing the This Week tab, you can see your child’s timetable and class attendance at a glance. This tab also displays any assessment tasks and homework, which you can click on to view all assessment information and any attachments added to the task.


Within the Attendance tab, you can view the Attendance Map and Attendance Rates of your student. The coloured visual representation allows you to identify any patterns in your student’s attendance rates.

Assessment – Current Tasks

The Current Tasks for the student are listed in this tab. Clicking on Current Task will open assessment task information including: due date, further comments or instructions, the learning areas assessed, attachments and the status of the Task.

Assessment – Schedule

The Schedule tab displays assessment tasks scheduled throughout the year. This can be viewed by class or for all classes. Selecting Assessment Plan will open assessment task information.

Assessment – Assessment Plan

This tab lists assessment tasks and assessment plans in a diary view. Assessment plans are a new type of lesson note. As above, selecting the Assessment Plan will open assessment task information including any work electronically submitted.

Assessment – Results

The Results tab lists assessment task results that have been published against the student. Results can be viewed by class or by all classes. You can open the task to view teacher feedback and student work. These results are also published in the student’s view of Daymap.


The Reports tab lists Daymap student reports that have been published to the Parent Portal.

My Account

This tab allows you to change your password and provides access to all of your contact details. If any of these details are incorrect, please contact your School Administration.