Curriculum at Swan Hill College


It is our shared goal that students leave the College as capable young adults ready for the challenges and the possibilities ahead of them. As students move through the year levels they gain social and academic skills, and take the responsibility to choose more of their subjects and ultimately their career options.

In Years 7 and 8 students undertake study across all of the learning areas in order to build a solid skill base with a particular focus on Literacy and Numeracy. In these early years of secondary school students take part in a range of programs such as the Reading program and Sunshine Maths program where students are explicitly taught skills at their point of need. These programs include additional staff in each of the classrooms in order to give our students the best possible start to their secondary schooling.

Year 9 students continue their core studies in English, Mathematics and Science but get to select from a wide range of specialised electives, from various learning areas, designed to foster and cater for their special interests. Year 9 is designed to allow students to explore a range of different subject areas allowing them to get a “taste” of various areas in preparation for their journey into the senior levels of the school.

Students moving into Year 10 choose from a variety of programs designed to establish their future pathways into their chosen career options or areas of expertise. Many are accepted for acceleration into a Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) or Vocational Education and Training (VET) program.

In Years 11 and 12 students have the option of completing their Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) or the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL). There are many ways students can mix and match courses that suit their needs and interests. They can prepare for university, further training or work.

As part of the student program from Years 7-12 support is offered through our Careers Centre. This support includes subject selection, counselling, pathway plan development, careers coaching programs, camps, open day trips to universities or TAFEs and work experience opportunities. All of these provide students with the knowledge and support required to develop a pathway relevant to their individual needs.

Achieving Excellence Together

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