Swan Hill College has been looking at ways to make communicating with families simpler and more efficient. We have been working with Operoo, a web based software, that allows our school to easily send out messages to families and for parents/guardians to sign permission forms digitally. This can be done through email or via the app which is readily available on mobile devices. No more paper forms in the bottom of backpacks, no more filling in the same information over and over again.

All excursions, incursions and any other matter we require parent/guardian permission for, will now be communicated through Operoo.

For more information, please refer to our Parent Handbook or contact the school.

What does Operoo do?


Email notifications let you know when there is something for you to read or a form to complete. Automated reminders ensure your child never misses out.

Your language

Operoo lets you choose the language you’d like to receive your messages and forms in. Choose from over 100 languages.

Parent forms

You’ll love the ease of completing and signing online consent, permission and medical forms right from your phone, tablet or PC.

Anytime access

Return forms and give consent on-the-go via a browser on any device or, download the Operoo Mobile App.

Medical forms

You can easily keep your child’s medical data and emergency contacts up to date, ensuring the school has access to the right information in an emergency.

Safe & secure

Operoo’s world-class security and privacy means information about your child is safe and confidential.