Year 9 Curriculum


Curriculum Overview
Years 7 and 8
Year 9
Year 10
Years 11 and 12


Additional Programs

  • EAL
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In Year 9 we value students being able to realise their potential by promoting an ongoing commitment to learning.  We have in place a structure that provides a responsive curriculum that challenges and motivates.  Our goal is to provide a flexible approach to curriculum delivery with opportunities for negotiated content and student centered work programs. There is emphasis on practical and experiential learning while incorporating continued academic skill development.  Each subject is assessed throughout the semester via assessment tasks.

Subject Selection Criteria

Students will:

  • Study English, Mathematics and Science for the year.
  • While students will study English, English electives are available to those seeking support or opportunities to enhance skills further.
  • Study one semester of Physical Education.
  • Study one semester of The Making of the Modern World (History).
  • Choose four subjects from the selection of semester length electives.
  • Consider the suggested learning pathways when selecting subjects.


  • In Years 7-10 students will be assessed according to Victorian Curriculum standards.
  • Students in Years 9-10 with participate in the Maths Pathways Program which consists of 1 period per week focusing on problem solving/completing a rich task and 4 periods working through the Maths Pathway.
  • Maths Methods Units 3 & 4 MUST be studied before or in conjunction with Specialist Maths Units 3 & 4.
  • Students who wish to study Year 12 Further Mathematics should note that Year 11 General Mathematics Units 1&2 is good preparation for Further Mathematics.