Year 10 Curriculum


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  • In Year 10, you are in a position to start planning for your future. You need to ensure your course prepares you for future VCE, VM or VET studies.  With this in mind, Year 10 subjects are designed to develop your skills in specific areas.
  • Each subject is assessed throughout the semester via assessment tasks.


Subject Selection Criteria:

  • All students must study English in each semester.
  • All students must study Mathematics in each semester.
  • All students must select one Health or Physical Education subject to study for one semester.
  • Students must study Science A and Australia in the Modern World.
  • Students must select five electives. VCE and VET electives also meet the criteria of electives for Year 10, however, they are studied for a full year (selected as per the acceleration policy).

VCE and VET Acceleration

At Swan Hill College we believe all students should be given the opportunity to achieve their full potential during their time at school. Acceleration enables a student to participate in a variety of programs that will challenge them. It will encourage them to maximise their opportunities to achieve their post secondary goals.

The aims of this policy are:

  • To establish a personalised pathway for all students.
  • To extend the individual on an academic and personal basis.


The following criteria will be considered when students apply to accelerate:

For VCE/VET acceleration:

  • Students should be above the expected level in the appropriate domain and it is
    recommended they are at least at level for English and/or Mathematics to
    accelerate. The subject they wish to accelerate into will determine which of these
    they need to be above the expected level in.
  • They have demonstrated an effective work ethic which is reflected in their school
  • Approval for acceleration has been obtained from a teacher of related subjects from
    the previous year/semester and the Year Level Coordinator.
  • They demonstrate knowledge of the particular requirements of the accelerated subject.
  • They have a proposed pathway for studies in later school years.

As part of applying for acceleration the following must occur:

  • Parent consent and acknowledgement is required before participation. This is obtained
    through the subject information and selection evenings.
  • Students prove that they have the ability to work cooperatively with staff and students
    in the class.
  • To continue in the acceleration program, students must demonstrate successful

When considering the option of acceleration, staff and students will consider:

  • Year 10 students can meet their KLA unit requirements by undertaking VCE/VET
    studies from that KLA area.
  • The effect of acceleration on a three-year plan for Years 10, 11 and 12.
  • All Year 11 students are required to complete 12 units during that year and 10 units
    during Year 12. Exemptions will not be given to Year 11 students studying unit 3 & 4
  • In exceptional cases outside of the guidelines mentioned above, students must submit
    an application to the Careers office and have an interview with a panel consisting of:
    Careers Manager, Year Level Manager, Senior Sub-School Manager and relevant KLA